Confronto sui Risparmi Energetici



Confronto tra una Cappa Chimica Convenzionale e una Cappa Chimica Senza Condotto di Aspirazione

Cappa con Condotto Convenzionale
Energy Efficient

Cappa Chimica Senza Condotto
(Ventola & Filtro Integrati)

Costo Capitale Iniziale A Ductwork
US$ 1500
Efficient carbon filtration system means potentially complex ducting systems are not required.
B External Exhaust Blower
US$ 800
Compact integrated fan is sufficient to overcome the pressure drops across carbon filters.
C Make-up Air System
US$ 2000
No exhaust means conditioned air is not drawn out of the lab expensive make-up air system with chiller/heater and dehumidifier is not required.
Risparmi dei Costi Netti Capitale Iniziale: US$ 4300
Tasso di Costo Annuale D External Exhaust Blower
US$ 2000
Energy requirements for small integrated blower is significantly less than that of large external exhaust blower.
E Integrated Exhaust Blower
US$ 100
F Make-up Air Sytem
US$ 3000
Conventional fume hoods consistently draw conditioned air out, giving rise to high energy consumption of make-up air system.
G Carbon Filter
US$ 600
Assuming customer changes filters once a year, running cost are still low in comparison.
Risparmi di Costi Netti dei Tassi Annuali: US$ 4300